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  •  Do you want to add another income stream to your business?
  •  Do you need help getting your idea out in the world?
  • Do you want to share your expertise with more people in an online course, but you’re frustrated because you don’t know where to start? 

  •  Do you have an idea but not sure how to package it?
  •  Have you been stuck on an idea for your course and you just want to finish it?
  •  Do you feel overwhelmed by what it could take to create an online course?
Why is creating an online course important now?

Courses have fast become the way for experts to provide their expertise to a larger audience beyond their one on one clients. 
Courses allow you to create a system people can follow to generate their own success over and over again.

Courses are how the leading experts are leveraging their knowledge and their time to earn more income. 
The E-Learning Industry made over $165 Billion Dollars in 2015 and on track to reach over $225 Billion Dollars in 2022. More and more people are looking for answers online and want to hear from experts like you. 

Why shouldn't you be a part of this too? Imagine what it would be like to have a piece of this billion dollar industry?

Why Does it Seem so Complicated?
Learning to put together a course can be frustrating especially when there are so many courses out there telling you how to market and sell a course, but don’t show you how to create the course content. It can also be frustrating when you'd prefer to do something like this with the support of the person teaching it, but it's one of those self-paced courses that you have to go through on your own. You may have even tried to put the course together from articles you’ve read or from following the free webinar to only end up right back where you started. 
I get it ...
Hi I'm Alisha Curry Walker
I understand how you feel, I’m a licensed therapist and business owner and I’ve been in the counseling field for over 20 years. In that time, I have done agency work, been in private practice, taken on part time jobs and have worked tirelessly to earn an decent income. I have a passion for helping and supporting people, but I realized that just seeing clients one on one was not enough for me to live the the type of life I wanted to live. A life full of abundance …. an abundance of time, resources, relationships and money.
This was never more clear that something needed to shift than when my youngest daughter who was born with Sickle Cell and had to be hospitalized for a bone marrow transplant at the age of 4. 

During her process of healing of over 12 months, I was her primary caregiver and couldn’t see clients. I used the time to educate myself on how I could contribute to my household income that didn’t require me to see clients one on one. I learned how to create and teach courses in person and online. I created many different courses and in the beginning struggled to complete my fair share, have had courses that were flops and cost me more to develop than what was made from them. 

I then invested in some online course creation programs only to discover they were heavy on the marketing and sales but not on how to create the content. The true meat of the course and the biggest area that people get stuck. They also left me feeling like I did before I started because there was no real personal support for the times when I was really stuck.

Don't Give Up
I realize that developing the content for a course, knowing how to teach it, what tech to use, how to market and sell it can all seem daunting. It can feel overwhelming and I don't want you to give up. I completely understand how you feel. I persevered and waded through tons of information and training so that you don't have to.  I have created over 50 courses, which helped me refine my system and grow my business. 
I am passionate about helping you learn this system so you can get your course done too!  
With the growth of my business I have:
  •  Shifted my mindset from who am I to teach this to I am the answer people are waiting for
  • Created tested and perfected a course creation system to teach entrepreneurs how to package your knowledge and develop an online training in 90 days or less to leverage your time and increase your income.
  • Earned over 6 figures for myself and my customers
  • Continued to invest in my own development for business growth 

Let Me Help Guide to:
Leverage your expertise to connect with more people
Combine your expertise + the right people + your answer into an online course
Incorporate systems to leverage your time and create income that works even when you're not working
Cut out the guesswork with plug and play systems and get your course done
Let me guide you and give you support in creating your online course if you:
  • Have a message to share but you’re confused about how to package it and get it out
  • Are overwhelmed by the process of creating a course and need support in understanding the tech.
  • Are ready to move because you’ve consumed all you can on your own and you need a clear system to help guide you through.
  • Need a step-by-step framework that you can use over and over again to create an online course that supports your customer, increases your income and saves you time.
  • Need one-on-one support to create and launch your course.
  • Ready to finish your course, spread your message and make a profit.
The 90 Course Creation System Private Coaching Sessions
Your course creation system private coaching includes:
3 Month Individual Coaching,  Support and Accountability to Complete Your Course
Plug and Play Course Creation System
A 90 Day Project Implementation Plan to Set up and Sell Your Course
Course Launch Plan
Online Marketing Plan
And there's more ...
  • Course Creation Design and Styling Guide
  • Course Tech Tools Resource Guide
  • Cheat sheets, swipe files and resource examples
  • Live demonstrations
Courses are your way to solve the problem that your customers are looking for!
Do you have a desire to share more?
What are you waiting for?
Here's How You Can Work With Me:
Individual Clarity Session
Online Course Project Plan Development
90 Day Course Creation System 3 Month Private Coaching
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I can't wait to help you claim you expertise, connect with the right people, and create more income! 
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